Why is Self Care so important?

This May we are really focusing on self care here at Classic and why it is so important to take some time out for yourself to be pampered, to de-stress and unwind. Why is self care so important for your mental health and physical health?

Well let me tell you - self care enhances our self esteem to voice a positive lifestyle and be more productive. To de-stress helps you maintain a healthy emotional well being which will not only help yourself, but the people around you. As well as improving your mood and nourishing yourself.

So what is it that makes you truly happy? Its important to make the time to spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something that is purely for yourself. I know we all get caught up with our busy lives and looking after everyone else, but who is going to look after you? YOU ARE, so make the time.

Don’t be scared of taking time for yourself and saying no to people or situations that you aren't feeling up to dealing with, instead it will give you time to think about what you need or what needs to be done. Like sorting out a “to do list”, making plans or just winding down.

Some examples of self care 101: -

  • Listening to your favourite music when driving

  • Buying flowers for yourself

  • Using your favourite skin care and taking the time to put it on

  • Having a longer shower with your favourite body products/oils

  • Buying yourself a coffee or taking yourself out for lunch

  • Sitting back on the couch and binge watching Netflix

  • Taking the time to run a bath, put your phone down, relax and unwind

  • Going for a walk at the park to clear your mind

  • Going to the gym

Do the things that you enjoy and help you unwind or get through the day with a positive energy level and vibe.

7 ways to be kind to yourself:

  • Respect yourself

  • Soothe yourself

  • Relax yourself

  • Take care of yourself

  • Treat yourself

  • Lift yourself up with positive self talk

  • Take time out for yourself

To maintain glowing and healthy skin = stress less!

Stress is a major issue that causes skin conditions to flare up regardless of what your prone too, whether it is acne, premature ageing, psoriasis or eczema, etc.

Deep breathing exercises each day can help treat your skin and bodies needs in as it allows more oxygen into the body which feeds our skin cells to promote a healthier and brighter complexion. It also will give you more energy throughout the day. Where as shallow breathing can begin to cause signs of premature skin ageing and thin out our complexion!

Exercising or receiving frequent massages are a great way for self care. Having poor circulation can make you prone to scarring, slower healing and dark circles under eyes.

Remember “SELFCARE” is very important for your body, mind and soul. Start taking time out of yourself each and everyday, you will thank yourself for it.

- Classic Kiara