Why is a Mask so Important in my Skin Care Routine?

Most of us cleanse and moisturise our skin daily which is fantastic if your skin is still feeling dry tight or even oily you may need to be doing more for your skin.  Exfoliating is important we have a whole blog about it... but applying a mask afterwards can leave your skin feeling amazing refreshed, balanced and hydrated. 

Your mask is an intense weekly treatment that takes place after you exfoliate. When you exfoliate you remove all the dead skin cells which sit on top of the skin. These dead skin cells stop skin care from penetrating essentially, we want to remove the dead cells on a weekly basis to allow our skin to feel hydrated. The idea of applying a mask after exfoliating is to give the new surface skin cells a boost so they can be looking at their best, full of nutrients and as plump as possible or detoxify the skin at a deeper level if using clay masks. Masks are only recommended once or twice a week and usually left on the skin for 10- 15 mins then washed off. 

Masks are used to treat many different skin concerns, prolong the skin cells healthy appearance to avoid looking dull and offer the boost to your skin masks should not be used every day.

The Types of masks we love 

Clay- Medik8 Natural clay mask uses bentonite and kaolin clay which have a slight exfoliation base to leave skin feeling detoxified hydrated and clear for a healthy radiant glow.  

Hydrating- Classic Collagen mask this beautiful hydrating mask is perfect to promote collagen and increase cell health to plump up skin. 

Sheet masks – We love the Medik8 bi cellulose for ultimate hydration enriched with zinc and hyaluronic acid to restore, promote would healing and hydrate perfect for a dry skin, sensitive, compromised skin or after a Classic Treatment. 

Enjoy a lovely glass of wine, start prepping dinner or read your child a short story while your mask is on then wash it off and apply the rest of your skin care I suggest choosing one day a week for your relaxation treat your self and your skin. 

Classic Angela