What is Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid

Ageing is one of the most common skin concerns amongst all generations everyone wants a younger, plumper skin. Once you hit the age of 25 our collagen production starts to slow down it is important to take care of our skin as early as possible through skin care. 

Collagen and Elastin are found in the dermis which is the 2nd major layer in the skin they are responsible for wrinkles. Collagen is like a scaffold it provides strength and structure to the skin when our collagen depletes we start to get wrinkles. Elastin Is responsible for giving skin the stretch and bounce back like a rubber band when our elastin diminishes our skin starts to sag. While Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin it looks like a jelly substance that supports the collagen and elastin proteins found around bone and cartilages and in the dermis to provide support to cells.

Over time environmental factors, free radicals and general ageing slow down the body’s ability to produce collagen and the collagen that we have naturally break down. We get expression lines because we are making repeated movements as the collagen and elastin breaks down in the specific areas say frown lines. 

It is important to keep the skin as hydrated as possible not only to keep the skin looking at its best but to provide extra support to these fundamental structures this is done through skin care.  Keep your outer layers of the skin hydrated and full of moisture so that the hydronic acid does not escape the dermis. Increase your antioxidants to avoid the breakdown of collagen and elastin and speed up you’re your cell turn over by exfoliating once a week or use a Vitamin A serum.  It is a known fact that a dryer skin will age faster because we lose hyaluronic acid easier whereas in an oily skin the oil proves lubrication therefore keeping your hyaluronic acid in the dermis but that does not mean you won’t age. Serums are fantastic because they have a thinner texture and slide into the skin cells. Serums penetrate deeper than any moisturiser and are the best way to support your collagen and elastin some fantastic ones that we have with medik8 are Hydr8 B5, Liquid Peptides, Retinol and C Tetra or Super C 30.  It is important to know the ingredients that stimulate collagen production and look after the dermis structures. 

  • Matrixal 3000 – Tricks the skin into producing more collagen  

  • Hyaluronic acid – Draws water from the air to hydrate the skin this will help to replenish and keep the hyaluronic acid in the skin dermis. 

  • Retinol (Vitamin A)- Speeds up cellular turnover 

  • Vitamin C- Helps with pigmentation and fantastic antioxidant to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin proteins. 

Everything slows down as we age but if you look after your skin early through skin care you can help to prevent and slow down the effects of ageing the natural way.

Classic Angela