We know how to turn back time!

Medik8 is a cosmeceutical brand, which means it contains high levels of active ingredients in there range that penetrate deeper into the skin, improving the structure and function.

70% of skin results are achieved by undertaking a step by step homecare routine. The other 30% is in salon treatments!

We can achieve this through medik8’s skin care categories and tailor it to your needs.

For example:

1. Pigmentation Pigmentation range targets pigmented skin but also boosting the overall look of the skin and the glow.

2. Redness The Redness range is based around red and irritated skin. It is very soothing and will instantly calm the skin by minimising any uncomfortable sensations that can occur.

3. Aging Skin Ageing products focus on regenerating the skin, to improve the appearance of fine lines, but also improving texture and overall luminosity.

4. Blemish The Blemish range targets acne/breakouts and also reduces healing and any inflammatory scarring that can happen.

5. Recovery Recovery range doesn’t only just hydrate, it also restores and maintains the skins health long term. The products are designed to prevent moisture loss with the nourishing ingredients Medik8 use.

6. Pore Refining

Pore refining range has been developed with ingredients that help tighten the pores, visibly reduce their appearance and sebum flow.

Medik8 have also just released advanced time release peels which we are super excited about!

They have done this by using an ingredient in there formula called Arginine. Arginine works by slowing releasing AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) and BHA (beta hydroxyl acids) acids on the skin at different times. Therefore making peels much more comfortable on the skin and can stay on for up to 10 minutes! This exciting new technology will be used and incorporated into our classic treatments very shortly.

In these advanced peels they have used 6 main acids.

First off here’s little information about the most commonly used acids:

· Lactic Acid – Is best for pigmentation and also blocks melanogensis (melanin).

· Glycolic Acid – Is great for aging skin but also simulates collagen production.

· Mandelic Acid – Is used for blemish-prone skin which is water and oil soluble.

Here are the new acids they are incorporating into the Medik8 peels:

· Gluconlactone- Is a large molecule that slowly penetrates and is an ideal acid for sensitive skins.

· Pyruvic Acid- Is a super powerful acid but a small molecule. It helps to stimulate collagen and elastin productions.

· Lipohydroxy Acid- Is a great alternative if you are allergic to aspirin because this acid is another version of salicylic acid and helps other acids to penetrate more easily into the skin.

I hope this information helped you understand more about medik8’s innovative technology and skin care ranges.

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