Top 6 Things I Learnt from Winning Business Excellence

1. Give yourself plenty of time for the application - although I was given weeks to complete, the overwhelming task of answering 26+ questions with most of them being 200-500 word requirement was very daunting. The Chamber of Commerce held 3 writing workshops which helped me significantly with preparing with my application. I found I had left enough time to write it, but found myself worrying about not having enough time to proof read. This is something I will allow more time for.

2. Being thankful for all the support around me - having such an incredible support system around me with our Classic Clients, my wonderful staff, husband and mentors. The support was incredible and helped calm my nerves and the encouragement was very reassuring when I was self-doubting. Really listening to them and self-believing.

3. Don’t stress out so much - yes ok I was stressing....a lot! Winning this award was a personal & business goal that I had been working towards for 11months. After the awards, I broke out with a cold sore and also adrenal gland flu. So yes, trying more tactics and not stressing so much about the results is my biggest tip to myself.

4. Be grateful - being grateful for the award of becoming a finalist. Not focusing on winning and just appreciating the huge achievement that is being a finalist. We were competing with some amazing businesses that excel in customer service and show excellence in business. It was such a pleasure & honour to be in the top 3 in my first year of business.

5. Network more – Instead of stressing and worrying about the results, I would have loved to have networked more and meet a lot more of the businesses that were also there to celebrate this incredible achievement. Staying afterwards and dancing the night away with everyone is a must for next time.

6. Great to reflect – It was an amazing time to reflect on the year I had & writing down everything that we achieved and had accomplished. Gosh what an amazing first year I’ve had! I’m so grateful and excited to share this award with Classic Beauty Therapy.