Top 5 Tips for Holiday Skin!

It may be Happy Holidays, but your skin may not be very Happy! While we celebrate with yummy food and champagne, our skin is working in overdrive to rebalance and keep that holiday glow!

So here are our Top 5 Tips for your Holiday Skin!

1. Drink lots of water! Yes we say this a lot but dehydration is the quickest way to get that tired, dull look. Keep your skin firm and healthy by drinking 3L of water per day!💦

2. Sunscreen! While enjoying a day at the beach or by the pool relaxing, make sure to cover up and protect your skin to avoid any excessive skin burn! Think of why your skin is turning red! IT’S BURNING!🔥

3. Sleep! Rest is so important for your skin to have the time to recover and rejuvenate itself.😴

4. Tone - Using a toner during this season to help rebalance the pH levels in the skin and is the quickest way to calm the skin down after any breakouts!🧴

5. Laugh! Enjoy the season and don’t stress too much about your skin! We are YOUR EXPERTS and ready to care for your skin in 2020! ENJOY! 🤣