Tips & Hacks for Clear Skin

You're at a crossroad. The left path is the road where nothing changes and when you change nothing, NOTHING CHANGES. This is the easy path where you continue to eat whatever you like, use products from the supermarket when they were on sale and not suited for your skin. The path where you still go to bed and wake up with no skin care routine and you keep getting breakouts and wondering why.

Or you can take the path to the right and that's what I'm here for. My name is Classic Kate & owner of Classic Beauty Therapy and founder of Classic Skin Care. With 13years experience, my goal is to change your life through skin & beauty.

Let's look down the RIGHT PATH. Getting advice and learning some key facts that your can start right now is going to make a huge difference without spending a lot.

Tip 1 - Cleanse & moisturise every morning & night. This is the biggest tip I can give you. Why we cleanse at night - not only to remove makeup debris that has been on our face all day but to also clean out the pores and help with removal of free radical damage. FRD (free radical damage) ages us throughout the day caused by UV, smoking, pollution, aircon, blue light from screens and more. Applying a moisturiser to protect and hydrate the skin to prevent ageing and also helps to rebalance the skin. Overnight our skin goes into a process called autophagy which simply put - a rubbish truck goes along and picks up all remaining FRD and expels broken cells to the surface and who wants to be walking around with that on their face all day! YUK! By cleansing and moisturising this will help remove excess cells and leave your skin fresh and clear for the day.

Tip 2 - Change your pillowcase 2-3 times per week! Pillow cases are $5 for a pack of 2 from Kmart so this is an easy one. By changing your pillow case, this ensures that bacteria while sleeping is not spreading and continuing to cause breakouts.

Tip 3 - While your at Kmart, pick up some $2 face washers and change everyday. After reading what is actually on your skin throughout the day, make sure that your are changing what you use to remove makeup and cleanse your skin with. Again very simple and easy to do.

Tip 4 - Drink water. Keeping hydrated is not only important for our muscles, tissues and organs but also for our skin. Yes this will make you need to pee a lot more but only in the beginning. Once the body understands that this is not a fad and its a lifestyle, your body will start absorbing and the benefits are amazing! We do a water challenge every Thursday on our Instagram and Facebook stories so please join in!

Tip 5 - Wear a mineral makeup. A few years ago mineral makeup was expensive and the coverage was not that great. Nowadays WOW. We stock Inclinic Makeup at the salon and is way more affordable and FULL COVERAGE. Oh and also waterproof, we found this out at our Christmas party when we went jet boating. When 91% of women wear makeup regularly you have to check if its good for you skin. A lot of makeup brands re comedogenic which means it blocks the pores. Resulting in blocked hair follicles-build up of dead skin cells and bacteria = blemish. Mineral makeup dies not clog the pores and is now available in different levels of coverage.

Tip 6 - Come see us. Getting professional advice on what is actually going on with your skin and being recommended good skincare that will work is my biggest tip. Imagine yourself with clear, bright, smooth, younger skin. Don't let this continue on. Choose the Right Path!

Hope these helps! Let me know.

Classic Kate