I need a tan not a man!

Lets talk spray tans because we are always getting asked 'how do I prepare for my tan?' or 'how can I keep my tan looking nice without going patchy?' Its all about how you prep your skin and look after it once you have the spray tan. We recommend you do all your waxing, shaving and exfoliating 24 - 48 hours before your spray tan. On the day of your appointment it is advised you don’t wear any deodorant, makeup, perfume or moisturiser prior to your appointment and come wearing black loose clothing (don't be alarmed if you are coming straight from work, we do have make up wipes for you to remove your make up and freshen up)

Now you have an excuse to kick back on the couch, relax and put on your favourite netflix series because you can't get your tan wet for 3-5 hours, that includes sweating, so no house work!

When washing off your tan, don't use any soap or body wash and pat yourself dry. The key is to moisturize, you want to be moisturizing with our Classic Body Lotion morning and night to keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin and a spray tan is not a good time! When its time for your tan to come off, just lightly exfoliate your skin every 2-3 days and it will fade out evenly with no patchy spots.