How your lipstick is hurting you

You might be thinking - "I don't lick my lips that much" or "I can't go without wearing my fav shade of lippy"... At Classic we love wearing our lipstick but if you lick your lips throughout the day (like me), you could be ingesting your lipstick that can be full of some nasty ingredients!

Some lipsticks contain harmful chemicals that you are swallowing on a daily basis! Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial colours: which can contain lead and aluminium, Synthetic fragrances: derived from petrochemicals and more! YUK!

So our advice - come see us at Classic Beauty and choose from our lipsticks from InClinic that are mineral based & infused with vitamin A & E to help hydrate, nourish & protect your lips. We love these lipsticks because they are long wearing and a divine velvet, creamy formulation with gorgeous pigments.

Keep your lips full of colour and your body free of chemicals!