How Often Do You Drink Water?

Why is it important to hydrate our skin?

When we think of hydration we all think of drinking water and while this is essential for internal healthy body functions it is also important to note that the water we drink will mainly be flushing toxins, carry nutrients to cells and supporting main internal organs but how much of the water that we drink actually helps to hydrate our skin? 

Hydration is important for plump, healthy and younger skin cells weather our skin is dry, ageing, oily or breaking out. The truth is everyone needs hydration; but if the water we drink is not keeping the outer layers of the skin hydrated, than what will. 

Our skin is made

up of 3 main layers; but we will just be talking about these two today, the top layer is the epidermis and the middle layer dermis. The 6-8 glasses of water we should be drinking a day will h

elp to support the bottom and middle layer but though skin care we need to hydrate the top layers. You may have experienced a dry tight feeling, visible flaking or the feeling of dull droopy ageing skin, increased appearance of fine lines if you have this, is a sign you need more hydration. 

There are so many daily factors that dry our skin out, sitting in air conditioning or heating all day, the change of weather due to the lack of moisture in the air, using the wrong ingredients in skin care or body soaps that leave skin feeling tight and

dry, poor diet and high alcohol consumption.

Hydrating the skin literally means adding water, in skin care we do this through ingredients that are naturally found within the skin. Here are some of the ingredients you should be looking out for but there are many more: 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the dermis and supports collagen and elastin fibres it gives your skin the bounce back and is responsible for a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water; now that’s a lot of water.

Glycerin is a water binding humectant meaning that it draws water to itself this can be water from the air. 

Ceramides help to provide strength to the skins natural protective barrier, they naturally exist in between cells and help to lock in moisture and provide protection.  

Both Classic Skin Care and Medik8 love these ingredients, if you have a look on the ingredients list they will be there. Hydration is so important for every skin and skin care gives your skin the additional boost of moisture every day that we all need.  You only get one skin, once change to look youthful naturally it’s important to use the right skin care in the right way every day.

Classic Angela