How Important is it to Exfoliate

Updated: May 14, 2020

Why do I need to exfoliate my skin? To some the answer is simple; to remove the dead skin cell

s; but there are so many ways of doing this, are you using the correct method?

Exfoliation is an extremely important part of your skin care routine, it aids the removal of dead skin cells, speeds up cellular turnover and avoids your skin from looking, tired dull and becoming lazy. The idea of exfoliation is simple every time your skin loses a dead skin cell a new one is being produced. So, if we never exfoliate or only do rarely and naturally let this process happen our skin will become very slack.

Physical - This is the most common type of at home type of exfoliation because it is safe, easy to use and effective. Physical exfoliation uses granules and your hands to essentially lift away the dead skin cells. Some exfoliators are very abrasive while others are mild, it is important to understand what your skin needs. These granules are mostly accompanied by a cream or a gel to hydrated the skin and lessen the possibly harsh effects; however, if your skin is feeling tight or dry after exfoliating, this could mean that the ingredients are not as nourishing as you think they are and can strip the skins natural oils.

It is also important not to over exfoliate you only need to be doing it gently once or twice a week. If you have active acne then you should seek another method of exfoliation as this could just be spreading the bacteria and making the acne worse. 

Enzyme-  This method is less common but very effective, an exfoliation that uses enzymes to eat away the dead skin cells like packman to reveal smoother, brighter skin cells, these can be done at home depending on how strong and active they are. Enzyme peels are usually left on the skin for a period of time then washed off with water. This is a better option for acne skins as it will not spread the bacteria from one area to another. 

AHA’s in skin care- This is applied on a daily basis to gradually break down the dead skin cells. AHA’s in moisturiser give your skin that extra boost and are usually in anti-ageing skin care products. AHA’s speed up the skin cell turn over process, increases collagen and elastin production and help to maintain a healthy plump skin. 

Salicylic acid - usually in acne or blemish ranges this acid works to dissolve the dead skin cells and decrease inflammation. Salicylic acid within skin care are usually in a spot treatment or daily in a moisturiser. 

Vitamin A- Is your youth vitamin in a serum form, vitamin A should be used at night time to dissolve the glue that holds the skin cells together to reveal younger fresher more youthful and radiant skin by speeding up the cell turnover process. 

It is always important to use a sunscreen however especially if you are using an acid form of exfoliation every day. While using this method of exfoliation it is defiantly ok to have a peel or microdermabrasion however you should not be using a physical type of exfoliation as this would be way too much for the skin. 

Salon exfoliation- These include Microdermabrasion and Peels both are extremely effective methods of exfoliation which you maintain every two weeks for a period of time to give the skin a boost and make changes to the skin. Peels are a chemical type of exfoliation where AHA’s and BHA’s like Lactic, Glycolic, Mandelic or Lactic acids are used to break down the glue or bonds that hold the dead skin cells together thus give a deep exfoliation. Microdermabrasion on the other hand is more of manual type of exfoliation where micro crystals are being put onto the skin then use a lifting and sucking handpiece to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin.  

Ageing will eventually be everyone’s skin concern and it’s even more important once you turn 25 to develop a good method of exfoliation as our skin cell turn over starts to slow down. Everyone is looking for a more radiant and youthful skin or fewer breakouts or even a more hydrated skin and it all comes down to exfoliating your skin correctly. 

Are you using the right method? 

Classic Angela