Have you Heard About our Classic AA & CC Serum

We have two new serums to the Classic Skin Care lets welcome the CC Serum and AA Serum keep reading to find out the benefits they can add to your skin care routine. We have the perfect pair the CC serum is used in the morning for radiant youthful skin while the AA Serum is used in the evening to increase cellular turnover and reveal a healthier skin. Vitamin C is an essential part of a good morning skin care routine Vitamin C can be found in moisturisers, but most commonly and effectively found in serums that’s why it’s found in the Classic CC Serum. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps to neutralise free radicals this is great for anti aging to reduce lines and wrinkles and keep the skin hydrated Vitamin C is the key to brightening and lightening skin by evening out the skin blocking the production of new pigment. The Classic CC Serum has a creamy texture and is filled with 20% vitamin C, Squalene, Macadamia and grape seed oil to increase hydration, create vibrant, even toned skin. It is perfect for skins needing hydration, normal to dry skin and mature and sun damaged skins.

Follow your CC Serum with the Classic Active or Classic Reverse Ageing Moisturisers and Sunscreen for the best results. Vitamin A is the perfect serum to accompany your night skin care routine vitamin A helps to increase skins cell turnover, enhance cell barrier function and essential for anti-ageing to create a younger, more youthful and healthier skin appearance. The Classic AA Serum has a watery gel texture to allow for easy and fast absorption delivering the nutrients straight into the skin cells. The AA Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. To Leave skin feeling hydrated smooth and plump while the magic happens while you sleep to repair the deeper layers of the skin matrix to reduce scaring, lines and wrinkles. Classic AA Serum is perfect for Normal, Dry, Dehydrated and Mature skins, for best results follow your AA Serum with Classic Night Cream or Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Cream. Serum are an essential part of skin care routines to hydrate and treat skin concerns as they are thinner in texture and the first skin care product applied to the skin under a moisturiser. Moisturisers are still essential to seal over and push the serums into the skin. Enjoy the benefits of healthier, moisturised, and plumper skin with your new Classic morning and evening serums!

Classic Angela