Has your skin been good this year?

With the festive season upon us the Classic Girls are here to remind you of the importance of your skin this Christmas period. Our Skin is largest organ of the body and it’s most important to keep it Clean, Hydrated and Happy! We are here to give you some hint and tips to keep your skin glowing just like your Christmas cheer.

#1 Our number one biggest tip is to Cleanse! It is so important to make sure that we cleanse our skin two times a day, With the Christmas calendar in full swing it most important to make sure that at the end of each night we are cleansing our skin! Cleansing the skin will make sure to remove any surface impurities, makeup and any pollution sitting on the surface skin.

#2 The second most important tip is to make sure that we are hydrating our skin twice daily! Our skin can lack moisture over the Christmas period as we tend to indulge with family and friends it can leave our skin a little dehydrated! Stay hydrated on the inside and out.

#3 And our best tip is to keep your skin HAPPY! Keep your skin happy by booking in with the Classic Girls for a well deserved facial to keep you relaxed and your skin happy over the Festive Season.

We look forward to see you in the salon soon!

Love Classic Kate & Classic Tayla