Get rid of those broken veins now!

What is diathermy?

Do you have unwanted red veins or broken capillaries on your cheeks, chin, or sides your nose?

We have the solution for you-

Diathermy uses high-frequency electric current to apply heat into the targeted area. You will not feel any heat on the skin while getting this treatment. To remove broken capillaries, we use a tiny disposable needle, and we go along the top of the blood vessel and tap to help disperse the blood and seal it off allowing it to go back into the bloodstream.

How many treatments-

Most clients only need 1 to 3 treatments depending on how strong the veins are or how many we are treating. If we are only treating a random “red dot” usually one treatment works amazing, and they will disappear straight away. There’s is also no down time!

How can I prevent broken capillaries-?

* Try to avoid it harsh exfoliants

* Don’t over exfoliate

* Keep your skin hydrated and moisturised

* Use a bamboo face cloth instead of a regular face cloth