Do you have sensitive skin?

Does your skin go red when eating spicy foods or drinking wine? You’re not alone; you may have rosacea or maybe your skin is just sensitive. 

Medik8’s Calmwise range is the perfect skin care range for a sensitive, barrier impaired or red skin to strengthen, protect and nourish skin cells. Medik8’s Calmwise range has 2 skin care products to help combat redness the Calmwise Cleanser and Calmwise serum. These will help to reduce flair ups and help to combat visible redness both the cleanser and serum are paraben and fragrance free.

Calmwise cleanser- is a chlorophyll based PH cleanser to combat environmental stress to improve the skins lipid barrier, control redness and clam sensitive skin to relieve redness. 

Calmwise Serum- this beautiful serum offers fantastic antioxidant protection to barrier repaired and sensitive skin, strengthen skin cells, provide relief from flare ups calm and nourish skin. 

Here are some key ingredients to look out for;

  • Teprenone- is an anti-redness active that prolongs the life of the skins protective barrier this mimics the natural DNA in our cells over time the chain of amino acids ‘telomers’ shorten so teprenone helps to pro long the life of the skin cells. 

  • Vitamin K2- will help to strengthen skin capillary walls to defuse redness 

  • Chlorophyll- Is a green pigment full of antioxidants to defuse redness within the skin to boost skin cell renewal, hide redness and detoxify red skin. 

The ultimate recovery cream is a thick barrier cream that will protect not only sensitive skin but most skin concerns by locking in moisture and hydration to boost oxygen levels in the skin promote healing.  

Treatments we do at Classic to help with the appearance of redness.  The heal light is great to help with the appearance of redness it speeds up cellular turn over, helps reduce scaring and allows for better product penetration you can read more about the healite in our previous blog on our website. Diathermy is also great treatment for those with broken capillaries around their nose to see fast visible results.  

Information about Diathermy 

Broken capillaries and red veins are common they are usually found on cheeks, around the corners of the nose or just single dots on the body or face. If you are looking to remove these spots, try Diathermy this is a treatment performed at Classic Beauty Therapy. We tap a tiny disposable needle on the vein and use a current to send the blood back into the blood stream and seal off the blood vesicle. Diathermy offers instant visible results with broken capillaries and blood vesicles.  

If your skin is red and sensitive try medik8’s Calmwise range to soothe, nourish and protect sensitive and red skin. If you have questions about your skin we are here to help you. 

Classic Angela