3 Common Skin Care Questions Answered

Updated: May 24, 2021

As a skin therapist we get asked a lot of questions and we love hearing them and helping you with your concerns, here are some common questions with some in-depth answers. 

Do I really need to use a day and a night cream? 

The answer is no you don’t need to, it is not essential if you are using the right skin care and ideally apply serums under your moisturiser. At Classic we have some great skin care that you can use morning and evening for example, Classic Active Moisturiser and Medik8’s Balance Moisturiser. However, Night Creams are developed and are very effective in a skin care routine because when your body is resting your system slows down and focuses on healing. Using overnight creams allow more time to absorb a heaver night cream and really maximise the effects of the rich ingredients. Day Creams are usually lighter and have fewer active ingredients because we don’t want to feel the heavy feeling of a cream during the day, especially if our skin won’t absorb it fully. 

When it comes to using the same moisturiser day and night, we have some helpful tips and tricks. Please don’t use a moisturiser that has sunscreen in it at night. Please don’t use a night cream in the day time because it’s too heavy and your skin won’t absorb fully. If you have the concern of ageing a night cream is a must to see faster results. 

Can I use two serums? 

Yes definitely! There is a system we like to call layering; this is when you use more than one of the same skin care items, however there are a few things you should know. First of all, learn if your serum is a water base or an oil base. Serums like Medik8’s Hydrate B5 is a water base serum this needs to be applied first, and then apply your oil base serum like Medik8’s Glow Oil or Vitamin C serum on top. This rule applies to most things except Retinol, even though it is an oil base serum it has time release technology allowing other serums to penetrate even though it an oil base. 

Serums help to treat skin concerns because they have a thinner texture that allows them to slide into the skin cells and treat targeted skin concerns; by layering serums you can target your concern faster. Although if you accidentally apply the oil base serum first that’s ok, all Medik8’s serums are advanced cosmeceuticals and will still penetrate into the skin. Although if you want the best results its always best to remember water base first then oil based serum unless your using Retinol that goes on first. 

Do I really need to be cleansing my skin twice a day?

Yet again the answer is YES you should be cleansing your skin morning and night and I’ll tell you why. Cleansing removes built up oil, dirt and pollution but even more important it creates a blank canvas for your serums and moisturisers so they can be absorbed into your skin easily. Most will cleanse at night to remove make up and pollution from the day and yes this is extremely important so important in fact that we should be doing it twice. 

The first cleanse I like to use an oil will remove the bulk of the make-up, dirt ect that builds up on our skin throughout the day. The second cleanse I like a cream will clean the skin cells and ensures we create a blank canvas for our skin care. 

In the morning we all should be cleaning our skin again, wait a second what why but I cleaned my make up off last night my skin is clean. I get lazy and say the same thing but in actual fact our skin is not clean if we sleep with the window open or the air-con on there are still partials floating around in the air. But more than that, our skin excretes oil while we sleep and we need to create a blank canvas for our day skin care routine; so clean twice in the evening and at least once in the morning. 

The truth is we all get lazy from time to time I know I do especially when it comes to skin care. But the ultimate truth is, if you use your skin care in the correct way it lasts a long time and if you want to see results you need to take the time to do all the steps. Yes at first it will feel like a chore but once you develop a routine that works for you it will become easy; you might actually enjoy applying your mask with your brush and having a glass of wine to relax and unwind. Everyone wants to see results and it’s all about consistency and doing the right steps on a daily basis.