How do I make an appointment?

Call 07 4638 5077 to speak to one of our lovely therapists or you can book your appointment online here.


Do you offer treatments for men?

Yes! All off the treatments in our product menu cater to both male and female. We offer all male waxing except for male Brazilian waxing. 


How long does my hair need to be to wax?

0.5 cm to 1 cm is the recommended length for waxing. This is usually 4-6 weeks of hair growth. 


How do I prepare for a Spray tan?

It is best to exfoliate your skin 24- 48 hours before your spray tan. When you come in for your spray tan it is best not to have any creams, deodorants or makeup on your skin. It is best to wear loose dark clothing that will not rub tightly in any areas.