Our eyes are the window to the sole. Eye contact is important in non-verbal communication so convey confidence with bright bold eyes.  

At Classic Beauty Therapy we believe eyes are a very important feature which can create beauty and confidence in a woman.  

We can alter each of our treatments to suit each individual client. By using a range of colours for our tints to enhance and brighten your eye to achieve your desired look.  Indulge in our Classic Eye Package with your customised lash, brow tint and Brow wax to tidy eyebrows.


Create a natural lasting lash lift with a lash perm or create volume with our variety of lengths and sizes of lash extensions so we can create the look you're after, whether its a natural look or a full dramatic look. Fell beautiful and love your bold bright eyes.  


Eyelash Tint ($28.00)

Hybrid last tint ($30)

Eyebrow Tint ($22.00)

Eyebrow Wax ($28.00)

Henna Brows ($65.00)

Enjoy bold brows for longer with your new henna brows we will customise the henna to suit your desired look whether it is bold or natural.   

Classic Eye Package ($67.00)

Lash tint, Brow Tint, Brow wax

Eyelash Tint And Perm ($95.00)

Get a natural lash lift to open your eyes and enjoy your new lift or curl then finish off the look with a Lash tint enjoy a bolder perfect eye.  

Eyelash Perm ($85.00)

No tint

Lash Extensions ($105.00)

Half Set

Lash Extensions ($15+.00)

Full Set Including Collagen Eye Patch