Anti Ageing

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How fun was taking the quiz?! We now know a lot about your skin and we will be contact with you within the next 24 hrs to chat even more. In the meantime here is what we suggest to work on producing healthier collagen & elastin with more hydration in your skin.

Firstly, lets explain what causes ageing besides the obvious reason but as we age the speed in which our cells turnover slow down. So the time it takes for our cells to be created then moved through the layers of skin to the surface where we can see takes around 4 weeks and slows to 6 weeks when we get older. This is why it is important to start now to build healthy cells that are plump and contain stronger elastin & collagen fibres. 

As well as UV damage from the sun which is the number cause of skin prematurely ageing. This is where our antioxidants come into play. Antioxidants such as vitamin A, B & C will improve your skin cell health to protect against free radical damage that ages your skin faster, they also work on reducing pore size appearance, brightening pigmentation & scarring and providing a clear, smooth, younger looking skin. 

Restore and start fighting the causes of skin ageing with a skin plan that's made for you and your skin goals. By using a cosmeceutical skin brand you can start seeing results with a more radiant, brighter, smoother, younger looking skin.

To start your Classic Skin Journey and start seeing results these are the main areas we need to focus on in your skin care routine.

A simple skin care routine would follow in terms of priority to see results.

Classic Foaming Cleanser/Classic Cream Cleanser

Vitamin C - C Tetra

Vitamin A - Retinol 3TR

Classic Eye Cream

Classic Reverse Ageing

A Classic Skin Plan would consist of regular facials in salon ranging from Classic Facial to Skin Needling to IPL Rejuvenation Facials depending on each individual skin goal.