Skin Solutions

How fun was taking the quiz?! We now know alot about your skin and we will be contact with you within the next 24hrs to chat even more. In the meantime here is what we suggest to balance your skin to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

Firstly, lets explain some reasons why you're skin is creating excess oil.  Everybody has oil on their skin and is produced in the sebaceous gland in our pores to keep our skin hydrated & healthy. In some cases it can create too much oil creating an oily skin.

This can cause breakouts as the excess oil mixes with dead skin cells, pollution, dirt etc and can block the pore creating inflammation & active bacteria. We treat both skin types similar in the beginning to help re balance and correct this.

Finding out what is causing the excess oil production is also key and can start with using incorrect skincare, your environment, genetics, diet, hormones and stress. This is why we ask you some questions that you might think aren't relevant but they truly are.  

Oily skin otherwise known as seborrhea is mostly present during puberty & other life events where hormones fluctuate resulting in increased androgen levels. Androgens are male hormones present in both make & females that show the maturation of the skin sebaceous glands. As the glands mature, oil production increases. So mostly this will go away by itself but you can also introduce some skincare to manage it until then.

By using a deep pore cleanser to remove dirt, sweat, excess oil and pollution from the pores/follicles without stripping the skin and compromising the skin's health is key. A lot of oil solution cleansers containing alcohol that strips the skin of all oily leaving your skin dry & impaired. Using a toner that is going to help balance the pH levels in your skin and also an exfoliant to keep the hair follicles clean & clear.

Moisturising frequently with the correct moisturiser that wot leave your skin feeling oily and regularly changing your pillow case to stop the transfer of excess oil & bacteria.

Introducing antioxidants such as vitamin A, B & C will improve your skin cell health to protect against free radical damage that ages your skin faster, they also work on reducing pore size appearance, brightening pigmentation & scarring and providing a clear, smooth, younger looking skin. 

To start your Classic Skin Journey and start seeing results these are the main areas we need to focus on in your skin care routine.

A simple skin care routine would follow in terms of priority to see results.

Clarifying Foam Cleanser

Balance Moisturiser

Rebalancing toner

Vitamin C - C Tetra

Vitamin A - Retinol 3TR

Physical Sunscreen

A Classic Skin Plan would consist of gentle chemical peels to renew skin & clean pores, extractions to remove built up blemishes, LED Light Therapy to encourage healthy skin & Ultimate Recovery Masks in salon treatments.