Skin Solutions

How fun was taking the quiz?! We now know alot about your skin and we will be contact with you within the next 24hrs to chat even more. In the meantime here is what we suggest to work on brightening your pigmentation and resulting in a clear, bright & smooth complexion.

Firstly, lets explain how pigmentation works. Our cells are always creating pigment or melanin in our skin and depending on your ethnicity, sun exposure & hormones, this determines how much melanin we see. Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin concerns to treat and you must be dedicated to preventing it from surfacing as we cannot stop the melanin being produced, but we can split it into two sections. 

The lower layers of pigmentation we want to inhibit it from coming to the surface of the skin by using a pigment blocker (also called in our language, a tyrosonaise inhibitor, which is the enzyme that creates melanin but let's keep this simple). This can be found in a cosmeceutical strength vitamin c and also can be have more efficacy i a stand alone pigmentation serum. 

In the surface layer we want to help ferry the melanin to the top layers to be exfoliated off with either a peel, microdermabrasion, skin needling or IPL treatment. In this process we would introduce a Vitamin A / Retinol to help increase cell turnover and encourage healthy cells with more collagen & elastin. 

Introducing antioxidants such as vitamin A, B & C will improve your skin cell health to protect against free radical damage that ages your skin faster, they also work on reducing pore size appearance, brightening pigmentation & scarring and providing a clear, smooth, younger looking skin. 

To start your Classic Skin Journey and start seeing results these are the main areas we need to focus on in your skin care routine.

A simple skin care routine would follow in terms of priority to see results.

Classic Foaming Cleanser/Classic Cream Cleanser

Vitamin C - C Tetra

Vitamin A - Retinol 3TR

Classic Reverse Ageing

A Classic Skin Plan would consist of gentle chemical peels to help bring the pigment to the surface of the skin followed by skin needling and IPL treatments.