Massage & Spay Tans


As day to day life becomes busier, We forgot about our bodies needs. The stress that life can bring will cause tensions and muscle pain. The best way to relieve tension and stress is from a therapeutic massage. If you leave sore muscles and stress unattended to it will just increase and become more sever. So take some time and reward yourself with a relaxing massage.

Hot Stone Super Stress Reliever ($69.00)


Hot Stone Full Body Massage ($92.00)


Hot Stone Deluxe Massage ($135.00)

30min Hot Stone Massage & 30min Facial

Back & Shoulder Massage ($67.00)


Full Body Massage ($90.00)


Spray Tan

Looking for that perfect glow? Have a special event on? At Classic we are known for our perfect tans! We have multiple choices for you and your therapist to choose from so that you can achieve the perfect tan. There are also rapid options available for the last minute tan.

Full Body ($44.00)

Partial Body ($35.00)

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