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Do you want to freshen your skin? Are you worried about aging? Do you have any concerns about your skin?
At Classic Beauty Therapy we take pride in having up to date advanced skin treatments to help you with your skin concerns.

Full skin analysis
Our full skin analysis includes medical grade photography on your skin.
Our Reveal Imager is able to get a clear view of your underlying skin concerns offering medical-quality photographs of the skin's surface and subsurface.

This fantastic device uses the same technologies used in hospitals, highlighting the skin's pigmentation and vascular (red) and melanin (brown) features under the surface.

This will greatly help develop highly targeted treatment recommendations for you and take the guess work out of your skin care.

A deep exfoliation treatment removing damaged skin cells, stimulating the skin's natural cell regenergation process revealing smoother skin with more even skin tone. Here at Classic Beauty Therapy, we use BOTH diamond and crystal exfolation combined with lymphatic drainage. We use corundum crystals to "sandblast" the skin, then, using a diamond tip we "buff & polish" the skin afterwards for a more, deeper exfoliation.
Single treatment- $110     
mini program (Course of 3) - $299     
Corrective program (course of 6) - $575
Microdermabrasion & Ultimate Recovery Zinc Mask  
Single treatment - $135
mini program - $345
corrective program - $675
Microdermabrasion, peel and Ultimate recovery Zinc mask
Single - $160
mini program - $449
corrective program $799

Add microdermabrasion to a facial
The ultimate exfoliation. Its a non-invasive and gentle treatment to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage.
Dry, dull surface skin is buffed away gently by blasting with tiny crystals or using a diamond tip, revealing a layer of new, soft vibrant skin.

This treatment can be used on all skin types except for acne with infection present.

IPL Rejuvenation
A deep rejuvenation of the skin to help minimize rosacea, redness, reduce fine lines, helps to fade pigmentation, helps to reduce
large pores, evens skin tone and activates your collagen.

A course of treatments is recommended to get the best results.
Healite LED light therapy
add to a facial
Light therapy uses specific wave lengths to accelerate wound healing, improve blood circulation, kills bacteria, can be used to treat acne, reduce signs of aging, activate collagen, hydrating.

Light therapy penetrates deep into your dermis which is why a course of treatments is recommended.

$49.00 - $69.00
Helps to reduce the appearance of spider veins and broken capillaries on the face.

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